I Love Corn And Evangelism

I love corn . . . especially with butter and paprika like Esqueleto from Nacho Libre eats. Speaking of corn, last week my family and I drove to Indianapolis, Indiana, to visit some friends. Right away I noticed that once we entered the state of Indiana, there were corn fields everywhere . . . big, tall corn fields.

Now being from the hood, that is, urban San Antonio, Texas, I know nothing about agriculture. From what I have been told though, in order to produce corn you must follow four steps: (1) Prepare the soil, (2) sow seed into the soil, (3) cultivate the seed, (4) and reap the harvest.

Did you know that Jesus describes evangelism this way? Read John 4:35-39. Not later, now . . . I’m waiting . . . thanks. In Biblical evangelism, God uses people to (1) prepare the soul, (2) sow spiritual seeds into the soul, (3) cultivate the soul, and (4) reap the harvest of the soul (when people receive Jesus as their Savior).

In my last blog, I said, “I have never led anyone to the Lord, but God has used me in the process.” God uses various people in this process. At West Georgia University, after I preached and nearly 400 teenagers received Christ as their Savior, God was using me in the reaping phase of the process. For those who did not receive Christ and remained unbelievers, God used me to either, (1) prepare the soul, (2) sow spiritual seed into their souls, or (3) cultivate their souls.

In next week’s blog, we will look at ways to prepare the soul, sow spiritual seed into the soul, cultivate the soul, and reap the harvest. Thanks for taking this journey with me.