The Linebacker Loves Evangelism!

The Linebacker loves evangelism (this means sharing the Good News)! I get passionate about the reality that the living, all-powerful, all-amazing God of the universe desires for people to know and love Him. It excites me . . . as a matter of fact, I feel like blowing somebody up right now!!! Think about it: we've been created for God and by God to enjoy Him and to enjoy being enjoyed by Him.

A few weeks ago, my seven year-old son Jeremiah, also known as "Big Bull", joined me on a trip to West Georgia University. Over 2200 high school football players from all over Georgia were present. For two nights, I preached my guts out. And during the day "Big Bull" and I connected with players and coaches over lunch and dinner. God, in His awesome way, drew nearly 400 teens and coaches to place their faith in Him. I am simply humbled and in awe of how God uses people, in conjuction with the Holy Spirit, to transfer people from the domain of darkness to the kingdom of His beloved Son (Col. 1:13).
I am honored to be a small player in this supernatural process. Did you notice that I said process? Evangelism is a process, not an event. And in the process of people coming to faith, God uses people to play various roles. My next blog will focus on how evangelism is a supernatural process.
1. When you think of evangelism, what thoughts come to mind? Be honest. As I travel around the country teaching on evangelism, people say things like: "I am tired of being made to feel guilty because I've never led anyone to the Lord." Quick note: I've never led anyone to the Lord either! However, God has used me (and you) in the process (1 Cor. 3:6-9). Others say "I am afraid that people will reject me or I will not know enough if they ask me a question I do not know." What are your thoughts? Post your thoughts, you may just impact someone's life!
2. How can this blog benefit you? How can I help you be a more effective Jesus-lovin', Jesus-sharing person?
3. Share this blog with your friends. It is my heart-beat to help people enjoy Jesus and enjoy sharing Jesus with those who do not know Him and the life of love He freely offers.
Time for the Linebacker to go; I've got sermon preparation for a new series entitled "A New Kind of Life" at the church I co-pastor. If you would like to listen to my sermons, click on the sermons icon. Or if you are in Charlotte, stop by and worship with us.
Drink lots and lots of grace today. And do not forget to carry a few extra bottles of grace with you because God will bring thristy souls into your life. Peace out.