Great Conference, Great People!

I'm chillin at the Nashville airport; I must give "Big-Time Props" to the crew at Lifeway for the great job they did in organizing The Lifeway National Youth Workers Conference. Youth workers were inspired, encouraged, challenged, equipped, they connected with one another, and they were prayed for. It is an honor to help in developing student ministries that desire to see the Kingdom of Jesus root Itself deeply in their lives, and in the lives of the students they led.

Several cool things happened to me. After my breakout session, one youth leader asked what the youth workers could pray for me. It was really moving. I thank the youth workers for caring enough to lift me up to the throne of grace and mercy.

During my main stage session, I preached on how God is attracted to brokenness. The main theme was this: release your disappointments, pain, anger, hidden sins or whatever else brokenness to God so He can began the healing process. At the end of my message, I asked the youth workers to come up to the stage for prayer. Many came. It was awesome. I wish you were there to experience it.

And finally, I met a young man named Zach Hunter. He is 16. And his life's goal is to rid the world of slavery! The Gospel of Jesus has moved this young to be the change the world needs. It's was great hanging out with him and his mom. Zach has written two great books: Be The Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World and Generation Change: Roll Up Your Sleeves and Change The World.

I plan on reading these books with my children and introducing them to our student ministry. Check Zach out at

Well friends, it's about time for The Linebacker to get on a plane. Until next time, tackle as many people as you can with forgiveness, love, grace, humility, and compassion.