What An Adventure!

The past two weekends have been an adventure for the Linebacker. This weekend I was at the kaleo Conference in Wake Forest, North Carolina, teaching high school and college students. I met some incredible young people with great passion for Jesus and His Kingdom; I got to connect with some old friends like Clayton King and J.D. Greer.

Last weekend, I had the honor of preaching at the Chapel service for the Chicago Bears football team. Seven player and coaches received Jesus as God, Savior and Friend. What an adventure.

On Tuesday, I will be in Nashville teaching/preaching at the Lifeway National Youth Worker's Conference: http://www.lifeway.com/ev/events_detail_mainpage/0%2C2232%2CE%25253D185%252526M%25253D201001%2C00.html

Friends of the Linebacker, please pray for me. This is a huge opportunity to impact leaders who will in turn impact students. Later this week, I will be in Denver with Greg Steir and the crew preparing for the up coming Dare 2 Share tour:http://www.dare2share.org/invincible/

God is also doing some great things at the church where I am pastor preaching & discipleship.

What an awesome adventure!