Last week I went to visit the Koren refugees that now live on the east side of Charlotte. Two women from theGathering (the church I co-pastor) have taken the lead in showing these people the love of Jesus. As a pastor, it is awesome to see theology lived out by the people you lead (see Eph. 4:12). This is why I pastor, not to draw huge crowds, but to equip people to live out the Gospel and bring glory to Jesus as they bless someone else's life.

These Koren refugees have nothing! Many of them have seen their loved ones killed by oppressive governments. Please pray as our little church called theGathering ministers in a big way to the Koren people. We desire to not only meet their physical needs, we want to teach them how to speak English, shop for groceries, balance a checkbook, get jobs, and meet their educational needs.

May they see Jesus in us. May they experience Jesus as we serve them the way Jesus served His disciples by washing their feet. And may our people see that Church is not somewhere you go for a few hours on Sunday, but a community of people that display Jesus to the world. Check this out:

humbled by grace,

pastor derwin