What a week! It started on Tuesday with my bride of nearly 17 years and I catching a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Vancouver, B.C. Vicki and I taught at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism (She rocked the house). I also taught two other sessions. Every time I am around "the Billy Graham people" I am touched by their love for God, their desire to see pastors cared for, and their humility. Everything they do is first class.

On Thursday -- early in the morning -- Vicki flew back to Charlotte; and while I was waiting to board my flight to Denver (so I could teach at the the Dare 2 Share conference), I was witnessed to by a follower of Kabbalah (Kabbalahism is basically Jewish New Age). We had a respectful 30 minute conversation. I told her I was going to pray for her and she said, "No do not pray for me . . . I am Jewish I can't follow Jesus," and I said, "Jesus is Jewish . . . He's the One you've been looking for." I will pray for every time her face flashes in my mind.

Hey -- just a thought -- when was the last time you shared Jesus with someone?

I slept on the plane from Vancouver to Denver. The Dare 2 Share conference was great. over 9,000 teens were trained to share their faith. My voice is about gone. I catch an early flight tommorrow. I miss my wife and kids. I miss the church I co-pastor (which is the best church in the entire universe!). I'm done; sleepy time for me.

Gripped By His Unfathomable Grace,