Jesus is Anti-religion

I have been marinating on John 3:1-16, for the past several weeks.  As I have encountered Jesus through this sacred text, there have been moments of great challenge, surrender, and tears.  It is my prayer that this Sunday the Spirit of the Living God would simply overwhelm us as His great truth floods our hearts.

In the Story we find Jesus having a late night conversation with one of the great religious leaders in all of Israel.  Jesus, in the way that only He can, tells the religious leader, "No one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born again."  With this authoritative statement . . . Jesus is proclaiming that He is anti-religion.  Why?  Because religion is humanity's attempt to earn their way into the Kingdom of God by following an external set of rules.  The Kingdom of God can only be entered by being born again.  Only by grace.  Religion can never give you a new birth. Only Jesus can.

This Sunday we are going to see how this new birth can empower our life today.

Please take some time to prayerfully read John 3:1-16 as we prepare to be challenged and encouraged by the God who is anti-religious.